Payday loans without payroll and without paperwork

Discover how to get fast personal loans, even if you do not earn a salary itself. On this page, you will find which entities can grant you financing if you are not a salaried employee, what are the types of quick personal loans without payroll available in the market and what they will demand to grant them.

Income to obtain personal loans without payroll

While it is true that the fact of collecting a salary will allow us to access financing more easily, we can currently find many entities that grant quick personal loans without payroll. To obtain these financing products, we must demonstrate to the lender that, even if we are pensioners or unemployed, we have regular, sufficient and periodic income that allows us to repay the loan within the agreed repayment terms. These are the sources of income with which we can obtain a personal loan immediately, despite not receiving a monthly salary:

  • Pension: as retirees receive a regular income, they can get loans of relatively high amounts without much trouble. Of course, the amount borrowed will depend on the amount of money they receive monthly for their pension.
  • Compensation as self-employed: if we are self-employed and we obtain a regular salary, we can also get fast personal loans without salary.
  • Unemployment benefit: traditional entities do not usually grant quick personal loans without payroll to the unemployed, but some private companies will approve our request if our benefit allows us to return the borrowed money within the term.

In the last three cases, we can only access low-value personal loans, since both public subsidies and rental income tend to be relatively small income. As long as the alternative payroll income is regular (that we receive it monthly) and sufficient to repay the quick personal loans without endorsement without over-indebtedness, we will not have problems in accessing the financing we need.

Where to hire personal loans without payroll?

Currently, there are several entities that can grant us fast personal loans without charging a salary, although to obtain these products it is essential to collect some kind of regular and sufficient income. These are the lenders we can go to:

  • Conventional banking entities: many banks have urgent personal loans that we can also hire if we do not have payroll, such as pre-granted loans offered to some clients or loans that approve and transfer some entities in less than 48 hours. In this case, we can get higher amounts of money, although the access requirements will be stricter than if we go to a private lender.
  • Private capital lenders: private equity companies approve the requests of all those people who have enough income to pay back the borrowed money, whatever the source (pension, unemployment benefit, etc.). The fast personal loans online of these companies are of a smaller amount, but to obtain them it is not necessary to fulfill so many requirements as in the case of the bank loans.
  • Credits to the consumption of non-financial establishments: some businesses will finance the purchase of their products such as appliances, electronics products, etc. When dealing with facilities to encourage the purchase, usually have very attractive offers.

Depending on our profile and our financing needs, it will be more convenient to go to one entity or another. For example, if we want to finance an expensive project and we are in a hurry, it is better than we ask the bank for a loan, whereas if we need to obtain liquidity in minutes and we go through a delicate economic time, we will have more possibilities of approval if we go to a lender private.

Requirements to get quick loans without payroll

The requirements that we must meet to get urgent personal loans without having a payroll will be the same that we would be required if we received a salary itself. In general, these are the conditions that must be met in order to access these financial products:

  • Be of legal age (in some cases they will ask us to be 21 or 25 years old)
  • Reside in Spain permanently.
  • Have a regular and sufficient source of income to repay the loan. Provided that our revenues are lengthened in time, are sufficient to deal with the refund without problems and we can justify them through some official document, we will not have any problem in obtaining financing without payroll.
  • Do not have outstanding debts. If we are enrolled in a list of defaulters, most companies will not allow us to access the funding we are looking for, however, some of them will give us quick personal loans. In these cases, generally, we will have to meet two additional requirements: that the debt for which we are enrolled in ASNEF does not exceed the limit established by the entity, which is usually 500 euros in most cases or 200 or 1,000 euros in others, and that the debt does not come from a bank, for example, a credit card, an overdraft or a conventional loan.

Time of income of a quick loan without salary

The main advantage of asking for payday when you need it now is the possibility of receiving the deposit in a very short time, sometimes even in minutes. In the case of banking products, we will obtain the money almost instantly if we hire a pre-approved credit, while if we request a quick personal loan, we will not take more than 48 hours to be able to dispose of the requested capital.

Private companies, on the other hand, usually grant their products in 10 or 15 minutes, although sometimes they can take two business days to send us the money. Therefore, we recommend downloading the guide “When will your mini credit money arrive?” , in which we will find, among several aspects, which are the factors that influence the speed of concession of the fast private loans and which are the banks that work with each entity, so that we can choose the one that works with ours.